THE TOUCAN ROUTE - Nature & Wildlife Photography

Danny van Looy


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Info/Contact As a self-tought freelance photographer, based in Belgium, Danny visited several rainforests in the world mainly in search for new Toucan species wich he came passionate about during his travels.
Therefore his favorite travel destination are the rainforests of the Tropical Americas because... that's where the Toucans are !

Nevertheless,he even loves nature photography in countries other than the tropics as well.

During many of his travels it became his main goal trying to photograph each toucan species in its natural habitat but.. he even likes to photograph every other encounter of the tropical kind wich crosses his path.

In some way he hopes his  pictures can make a small contribution to the awareness and need for protection of all that natural beauty  a tropical rainforest has to offer.

Every picture is taken in the wild or in the nearby of feeders wich are set up by some eco-lodges to attract the surrounding wildlife.

The gallery is divided by different countries wich gives you a global view of the wildlife you may expect to see while you are travelling there for a short period of time.

Take notice that all pictures are copyrighted but if you want to make use of them or if you need some info, just feel free to contact Danny.

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